The Ultimate School Grade Transformation Challenge

The Ultimate School Grade Transformation Challenge is exactly what it says on the tin!


Want to help your child transform their school grades?

Want to see long-lasting change in your child's attitude to their studies?

Do you KNOW that your child could be achieving those higher grades, if only they'd take the time to study?


This challenge is for YOU. 


With daily challenges for parents and children to complete together, and weekly reviews to monitor progress, the 45 beautiful (and printable) pages of The Challenge will help your child to take responsibility for their own goals and ambitions and inspire them to willingly change unhelpful academic habits.


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Want some more information? Continue reading for a break-down of what's inside those 45 packed pages.

Get ready to:
- Transform your child’s school grades
- Set aspirational goals
- Measure progress
- Overhaul your child’s attitude to their studies
- Achieve long-lasting change



45 printable planner pages:

0) Cover
1) Introduction

2 - 6) Week One activities
Goal board
Report cards
Creating a file
What is holding you back?
Actions and rewards

7-10) Week Two activities
Your child’s teacher
Out-of-classroom learning
After-school groups
Seek out parents
Study materials

11-16) Week Three activities
Watch your words
The obituary
The letter
My mission statement
Going above and beyond

17-22) Week Four Activities
The study area
Daily reading
The field trip
Your child the teacher
Sample papers
Hand over responsibility
The big review

23) Template 1- Goal setting
24) Template 2- Inspiration
25) Template 3- Parent/ child dialogue
26) Template 4a- Goal one action table
27)Template 4b- Goal two action table
28) Template 5- Timetable
29) Template 6- Review 1 questions
30) Template 7- Review 2 questions
31) Template 8a- Positive/ negative words
32) Template 8b- Positive/ negative thoughts
33) Template 9- Positive/ negative review
34) Template 10- Newspaper article
35) Template 11- Mission Statement
36) Template 12- Child’s contract
37) Template 13- Homework contract
38) Template 14- Review 3 questions
39) Template 15- Reading log
40) Template 16- Field Trip Planner
41) Template 17- My lesson plan
42) Template 18- Responsibility handover
43-44) Template 19- The big review


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I hope that you love taking part in the challenge as much as I loved creating it.


Aisha x