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Are you ready? The 11+ Countdown: 5 months to go

What should I be doing over the summer break? How much time should my child be spending on English? On maths? On verbal reasoning?

Understandably, parents are worried about the big break in formal education between now and the start of September. Once September arrives, those 11+ exams are not far away at all!

But, first of all, please take a break.

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Are you ready? The 11+ Countdown: 6 months to go

With six months to go, and the end of the school year approaching, the pressure is certainly starting to build! Parents are being invited to 11+ sessions, the children themselves can feel the approach of Year Six, and tutors are working hard to help children with their exam technique.

But what needs to be the main focus right now? Quite simply, the answer is school choices.

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Are you ready? The 11+ Countdown: 7 months to go (the confidence post)

With just seven months to go until the assessments, our focus needs to turn to confidence.
Yes, exam success is about learning the material, and about practising the material but the one thing that separates the super-high-achievers from other children with identical IQ and CAT scores is confidence.

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