What's just as fun as Christmas presents* and far more useful? Christmas revision with me!

*probably true

What's included?

At this pivotal moment in the year, having the very best tuition plan for your child is essential. Over the Christmas period (and to ensure that your child receives the ideal tuition for them) I am offering a choice of three packages. Each package contains 10 hours of in-your-home tuition** and includes:

- Questions from real past papers

- Exam technique coaching

- A focus on YOUR child's problem areas

- Tailored tuition that your child will enjoy

- A stretch and challenge plan for gifted students

- Interview preparation


Select from the following package options:


Option 1 (The English package)

9 hours of English tuition that covers grammar, writing AND comprehension + 1 hour of interview preparation

Option 2 (The maths package)

9 hours of maths tuition (covering core modules from the Year 6 National Curriculum) + i hour of interview preparation

Option 3 (The mixed package)

3 hours of writing and grammar, 3 hours of comprehension, 3 hours of maths and 1 hour of interview preparation


**In-home tuition is available in selected London travel zones only (or subject to special arrangement). Skype tuition is available to those outside of the selected zones.


Is my post-code eligible?

The in-home service is available to all pupils in the London Zone 1 travel area. Selected Zone 2 and 3 areas are also eligible; please email for further information.


Which age groups and needs are accommodated?

- Any KS2 child about to sit an entrance exam is eligible (this includes UK Year Groups 1 to 6/ children aged 5-11)

- 'Gifted and Talented' children are provided with 'stretch and challenge' plans

- Children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or with sight-related needs are welcome (please do feel free to message, if your child has a special educational need that is not listed here!)


When will the sessions take place?

Each series of sessions is booked on an individual basis, and may be scheduled for any time (as agreed) during the dates listed below.

This offer may be accessed between Sunday 10th December 2017- Sunday 7th January 2018 (with the exception of December 25th- December 31st).*


*Please note that any sessions not used by Sunday 7th January 2018 will have expired, and cannot be used after this date. I will always do my best to reschedule sessions, if a previously agreed time-slot is no longer convenient for you, but this is dependent on my Christmas timetable and I cannot promise to do so. Christmas sessions are usually fully booked by mid-November.



1:1 in-home tuition- £800/ 10 sessions

Small group tuition (2 children working during the same tuition slots)- £1300/ 10 sessions***


***The children must be in the same academic year, and working at a similar ability level.


To book a slot, or for further information, simply pop your details into the form below:

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