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As well as producing beautiful resources, to help prepare children (and their adults!) for the 10+ and 11+ assessments, I also provide first class tuition in central London. And there's no need to take my word for it...


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Aisha Curran

a.k.a Aisha-the-tutor and Miss Aisha

(Will respond to almost anything when given chocolate...)


The Bio:

I have always loved books. The first time my parents were called into school was because I'd been reading Matilda instead of focusing on my maths lesson. The second was when I'd fallen asleep in class (to finish Matilda after my bed-time, instead of in my maths lesson!)

That passion for reading never left me and I have no idea how many books I've now read (thousands I'm sure) and each time I move home my book boxes are a little heavier. I went on to study English at Oxford University, where I could really indulge myself!

Teaching English was the next step for me. I wanted to share my love of reading and I wanted the children I taught to experience that magical feeling of entering different worlds and different lives. More than that, I wanted the feeling of magic to last, despite the assessments they had to sit. I truly believed that the more children loved to read, the better they would do in their English exams.

And I still believe it! It is now my mission to help children succeed in their 11+ assessments, by promoting a love of reading at home. It was at home that my love of reading started, and my love of reading that led to academic success.


Crash Notes:

- Qualified teacher (KCL, 2013, PGCE)

- English Language and Literature Degree (Oxford University, BA, 2010 and MA, 2015)

- Valid DBS certificate


For further information call (+44) 7955 359833 or email