Free Resource: How to Write an Excellent Exam Story

(Robert Lomax, RSL Educational)

To view the latest infographic from Robert Lomax, editor and author at RSL Educational, simply click the image to your right! A visual step-by-step guide, this superb infograph simplifies the 11+ story writing process.

Impressed with the infographic? Head to Robert’s latest blog post for a more detailed break-down of the process and many other fab (and free!) resources.

Review: The Huntress: Sea

(Sarah Driver, 2017)

This month's bundle has been created around Sarah Driver's brilliant novel The Huntress: Sea. Watch the video to find out why we loved this novel and sign up to The Classroom for free access to the full range of worksheets and resources.


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Discussion #2: Encouraging reluctant readers

I cannot count the number of times I've been asked how boys can be encouraged to read more. In this video I give my top tip for transforming reluctance into a real love of reading and explain why I think we've been asking the wrong questions!


Discussion #1:  Boys reading books about girls

March is the month of International Women's Day, which has got us thinking about the number of female protagonists in our books. Are boys reading enough books with female protagonists? Are girls? 


Click here for the transcript (and list of resources mentioned in the video)


Review: The Goldfish Boy

(Lisa Thompson, 2017)

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