Does your child require full-time 1:1 learning support? Following an alternative curriculum? Homeschooling offers all of the flexibility you need!


Where do sessions take place?

Homeschooling sessions are usually provided in your own home, where your child feels most comfortable. In-home sessions are only available in London zones 1-2 (and some 3-4 locations). Sessions may also take place using Skype, to offer maximum flexibility.


My child has special needs- will homeschooling be appropriate?

Homeschooling can be an excellent choice for children who:

- are not receiving the amount of support necessary in a mainstream classroom

- require 1:1 teaching to help with dyscalculia, dyslexia or processing difficulties

- have a physical difficulty that restricts mobility or that is not satisfactorily catered for within mainstream schools

- do not have severe behavioural problems, that require specialist behavioural support


My child is following an alternative curriculum- will homeschooling be appropriate?

Homeschooling can be a practical solution for those following international, religion-centred, or value-based curricula. 



Homeschooling is at a fixed rate of £50/hour (minimum 10 hours per week)


Please do get in touch with any questions, or for further information.

t: 07840 312397