In accepting my services you are also agreeing to the following terms. For the purposes of this agreement, ‘tutee’ refers to the child receiving tuition. The terms below detail my commitment to you, and your obligations to me.

Punctuality – Aisha

I will arrive by the scheduled time and will provide a full hour of tuition. I will make clients aware, as soon as possible, if I believe that I will arrive later than the scheduled time. Should I arrive late, I will be expected to provide a full hour of tuition. The expectation is that I will be punctual, and will only be late in exceptional circumstances.

Punctuality – Clients

Clients will ensure that the tutee is ready to begin tuition at the agreed time. If I cannot begin a session at the scheduled time, because the tutee is not prepared, I will leave at the agreed end time and cannot be expected to provide a full hour of tuition. The full session amount will still be charged.

Payment – Clients

The timings of payments will be agreed in advance of sessions, and may be weekly or monthly. If a client wishes to cancel a tuition session, a 24-hour notice period should be given. If a tuition session is cancelled, with fewer than 24 hours’ notice, the client will be charged for the session. Serious illness is an exception, and clients will not be charged in this instance. Notice for cancellation should be provided by phone or email.

Child Protection - Aisha

I will conduct myself in a professional manner that does not place the tutee in any foreseeable danger. I am not responsible for any pre-existing health conditions in the tutee, or any complications arising from them. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries to the tutee, that are the result of the tutee's own actions.

Child Protection - Clients

I am not ultimately responsible for the health or safety of the tutee. It is expected that at least one other adult will be present in the house while the tuition takes place, and that this adult bears ultimate responsibility for the safety of the tutee.

Lesson Quality - Aisha

I will arrive with high quality, pre-prepared work to the tuition session. I will adapt my lesson plans according to the needs and ability of the tutee, thereby ensuring that lessons are highly personalised.

Lesson Quality - Clients

While I will work hard to ensure that your child makes progress, and will always provide high quality and personalised sessions, tuition should be viewed as part of the tutee’s wider education. The primary education provider will still be the tutee’s school. As such, expectations placed on the tuition sessions (and myself) ought to be reasonable. I will support the tutee’s class work, but hourly tuition cannot be considered a replacement for the tutee’s full engagement with the UK education system.

Plagiarism - Aisha

I will never claim that work I have completed was completed by the tutee. I will teach, guide, and assist my tutees but I will not plagiarise work.

Plagiarism - Clients

I am happy and willing to assist the tutee with difficult homework and schoolwork, but I will not complete it on behalf of the tutee. Plagiarising work does not help the tutee to make progress, and this is my core aim. It is expected that parents and carers will respect these boundaries.


Refunds and Cancellations:

1. Refunds cannot be given for historical tuition sessions. Any tuition session completed will be charged at the full rate.

2. Refunds may be given for 1:1 tuition sessions paid for in advance, with at least 7 full days of notice.

3. Refunds may be given for blocks of tuition sessions paid for in advance, including The Summer Sessions, with a 10% deduction. (For example, if £600 is paid in advance for The Summer Sessions, £540 will be returned to the payee).

Refund requests must be made with at least 7 full days of notice.